What is this ? 
- A faceplate cover for your PLAYSTATION 5 ™. 

How easy is it to use ? 
- Unlike  PLAYSTATION 5 ™ skins or 3rd party faceplates, this can just be snapped on your PS5™ in a matter of seconds, just like an iPhone™ case. 

Will this cover the inside of the plates as well ?
- Yes! Our unique wrap-around design with snap technology in the back will cover most of the white space so that from the observer's perspective, essentially, the plates look a different color

Is this for PS5™ Disk or Digital edition? 
- Both! We are trying to have both available at the same time.

When can I buy it ? 
- Soon, we have functional prototypes, we will be able to ship units a few weeks after reaching our Kickstarter goal

Why do you need a Kickstarter?
- We have gone through months of iteration, 3D scanning and printing multiple designs to make this easy to use and look good at the same time! Now we need to create multiple molds to drive the cost down for you, and those suckers are expensive to make. That’s why we need to raise some money before ordering the molds.

Will this work with dbrand ™ PS5 faceplates?
- It’s very likely they would. We designed the covers to fit snugly around the PS5™ faceplate, assuming the dbrand Darkplates ™ have similar measurements, they should fit.

Where is it made?
- We are a US based company, with so many people affected during the COVID 19 pandemic we strongly believe supporting local businesses is more important than ever. Because of that we plan to manufacture all our products in the United States, even though our costs will be higher. 

Why AI? Are you guys using Artificial Intelligence in the process? 
- Artificial intelligence and Machine learning are amazing technologies that are going to revolutionize how we live. If used correctly and responsibly they can help drive tons of good innovation for all humankind. In our case we specifically used AI in our website name so our domain looks cool!